‘The Rover’ DVD & Blu-Ray Gets A UK Release Date

Finally the good news that people in the UK can get their hands on The Rover DVD & Blu Ray on January 5th! It’s been available to pre-order on Amazon UK for a while now but they’ve just added the release date.
If you haven’t pre-ordered your copy yet you can do so at the links below.


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‘The Rover’ Nominated For Two Australian Production Design Guild Awards

The Rover has been shortlisted  for two APDG  (Australian Production Design Guild)  Awards.
Cappi Ireland has been nominated for Costume Design on A Feature Film and Jo Ford for Design on A Feature Film. The awards take place on Monday 24 November.


Cappi Ireland ‘The Rover’


Jo Ford ‘The Rover’

If you want to check out the rest of the nominees head over to APDG.org.
And don’t forget The Rover is also up for a Screen Producers Australia Award next month too. We’re keeping everything crossed for The Rover gang!

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VIDEO: David Michod & Robert Pattinson Go Behind The Scenes On ‘The Rover’

This video is another clip from the brilliant 45 min Behind The Scenes feature on The Rover DVD & BluRay that shows some the work that went into producing the film.

In this snippet David Michod talks about his first meeting with Robert Pattinson and Robert Pattinson talks about why he has wanted to work with David Michod for a very  long time.

If you’re in the US and haven’t got a copy of the DVD or BluRay and want to get your hands on it, click HERE to pick up your copy.


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‘The Rover’ Soundtrack Release Dates & Details

UPDATE: Now available for Digital Download. Scroll down for links


The music plays such an important part throughout The Rover and we’ve received numerous emails asking about the soundtrack and when it would be available. Now we’ve got the details for you!

From FilmMusicReporter:

Lakeshore Records will release a soundtrack album for David Michod’s dramatic thriller The Rover. The album features the film’s original music composed and arranged by Antony Partos (99 Homes, Adore, Disgrace) who previously scored the director’s last feature Animal Kingdom.
Also included is additional music composed and performed by Tom Petty, as well as tracks by Tortoise, Colin Stetson, Matthias Loibner and William Basinski.
The soundtrack will be released digitally on October 7 and physically on November 11.

Here’s the album track list:

1. Four-Day Interval – Tortoise
2. Arrival – Antony Partos
3. (No) Vacancy – Sam Petty
4. Crossfire – Sam Petty
5. Campfire – Antony Partos
6. Groundswell – Colin Stetson
7. Pit Stop – Antony Partos
8. Deja Vu – Sam Petty
9. Homecoming – Antony Partos
10. Bonfire – Antony Partos
11. Crystal Waters – Matthias Loibner
12. Two Themes For Rey – Sam Petty
13. Motel – Antony Partos
14. Variation V – William Basinski

Thanks Sallyvg!

Download on iTunes HERE
Amazon US

Amazon UK

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US: Get Your Copy Of ‘The Rover’ DVD Or Blu-Ray TODAY!

The Rover is available to purchase on DVD & Blu-Ray in the US from today so make sure to grab yourself a copy. You can order using the Amazon links below.

TheRoverblurayCover TheRoverDVD Cover

Also if you’re in the UK you can pre-order yours now on AmazonUK (using the link below).
The British Board of Film Classification are listing November 3rd as a release date (we’ll update if there’s any confirmation/more info on that).

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