Robert Pattinson Talks About The Rigorous Auditions David Michod Put Him Through For “The Rover”

While doing press in Australia recently to promote “Breaking Dawn Part 2″ Robert Pattinson spoke about auditioning for “The Rover”

Michod put him through a rigorous audition process for The Rover, something for which Pattinson is grateful.

“I hate it when you are just given a part. I am constantly second-guessing myself afterwards: ‘Are they doing this for the financing?'”

Pattinson did two separate auditions, both more than three hours in duration.

“I was thinking I must have got it. Then I met a bunch of other actors and they were like, ‘Oh, that Michod, he keeps you at his house for hours’. That made me lose all my confidence. So I was really shocked when I got it.”


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