Meet The Director: Previous screenwriting accomplishments from The Rover writer/director, David Michôd

The Rover is slated to go into production Jan. 24th which is right around the corner. As we know, on top of directing the film, David Michôd also penned the script. This post for the Meet The Director series focuses on David’s screenwriting work.

The first video is with some of the Blue Tongue Films group members having some fun with a request made for an award show. David was a co-writer as well as one of the characters in the skit. Here’s the synopsis:

With 4 weeks and a budget of $5,000 IF Media approached filmmaker Nash Edgerton and Blue-Tongue Films to produce video insert material for the 2005 Lexus Inside Film Awards.

Edgerton agreed.

But wanted the $5,000 in cash.

David directed and penned his own short films that we featured last year in our Meet The Director series. Click the titles to revisit those films:

He co-wrote the following short films: Spider and I Love You Sarah Jane

These are two teaser trailers that David was also a co-writing for: Bear and Hesher. Bear is the more shocking of the two. 😉

Animal Kingdom was directed and written by David and The Rover, his 2nd feature length film, is following in the footsteps. David Michôd is a rising storyteller to watch.

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