NEW PHOTOS from The Rover Set

Thanks to @Tx3Queen for sharing these with us.

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  • Scavenger

    Not a lot to see. It’s really been a crash diet for set photos on this film. I am in withdrawal; got used to being able to enjoy seeing our man in his element.

    • Tink

      lol crash diet

      • christine

        there are rumours about rob shooting the rover till the end of march. what’s your info?

        • Tink

          March 16th was more official. the rumors about end of March are coming from an unverifiable source on twitter. i know nothing beyond that. i also caught half the media sites today on the new still said filming was still happening and the other half said they’ve wrapped. LOL *shrug*

          • christine

            ok got it. #mostmysterioysmovieever

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