“The Story Is Fantastic, Very Original, Told In A Very Innovative Way” ~ Robert Pattinson

While doing promotion for Dior, Robert Pattinson was interviewed by the french magazine ‘Sport & Style’ .
In this preview of the interview (which will be out in full on Saturday) he was asked why he chose to do The Rover

HQ The Rover Still With Robert Pattinson & Guy Pearce

Here’s a translation (using Google Translate) of his reply

Why did you choose The Rover David Michod which will be out soon ? To go against the grain of your public image ?
Probably a little , it’s part of the equation. I really wanted it , I auditioned twice! The script was beautiful , I ‘m hooked. The story is fantastic, very original , told in a very innovative way. It was something that seemed very different from everything else and I wanted to be there.

I didn’t think it was possible but Rob’s excitement for the movie makes us even more excited for it too.

If you want to read the full preview (in French) head to Sport & Style or check out a translation of the preview HERE

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  • Jennifer

    I’ve been ready for this movie since I saw pics from the wrap party!
    I think maybe because I’m sure it’s a film that DH will enjoy just as much as I will … that makes it even better. He’ll never understand just how I feel about Rob, but I’m hopeful that he’ll at least be a fan of his movies some day. =)