INTERVIEW: David Michôd talks about The Rover and states it’s not a post-apocalyptic film

GraffitiWPunctuation interviewed director David Michôd today about The Rover.

In regards to the film being predefined as post-apocalyptic, David responds…

 “It’s about me thinking about today. I can already tell that I’m going to have to go out of my way over the next few months to point out that it isn’t ‘post-apocalypse.’ It’s about ten or twenty years in the future after just a really steady western economic collapse. And on that level it feels like me talking about an entirely possible Australia.”

We feel you, David! This definitely ain’t The Hunger Games!

Read the rest of the interview on GraffitiWPunctuation.


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  • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

    David isn’t far off, I can totally see this as a possibility happening in the US.