‘The Rover’ is The Playlist’s Number 1 Most Anticipated Movie of the Summer!

Sure The Playlist is going to be a natural cheerleader for independent films but we love love love seeing The Rover cruise by such summer blockbuster fare as Transformers, Maleficent, X-Men, 22 Jump Street, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Godzilla. And even other great indies coming this summer like Boyhood, The One I Love, A Most Wanted Man, Obvious Child and The Double.

39 summer films you should be checking out. But what film should be at the top of your list? Yup. The Rover. Can’t act like we don’t agree most ardently.

From The Playlist:


1. “The Rover”
Cast: Guy Pearce, Robert Pattinson, Scoot McNairy
Synopsis: In a war-torn future beset by financial collapse, a man trudges across the Australian desert to locate his stolen car and secure the mysterious cargo found inside.
Why It’s Worth Seeing: This is the first film for director David Michôd since his riveting debut “Animal Kingdom.” It’s been described as an existential western, and sees him reteam with Guy Pearce, with heartthrob Robert Pattinson and character actor favorite Scoot McNairy also on board. Michôd’s debut captured the sweeping scope of early Michael Mann mixed with Werner Herzog’s anthropological analysis of human behavior, crafting a debut that was both terrifying and utterly unforgettable. While he’s taking things in a vaguely sci-fi direction here, Michôd has promised that this will be a relatively grounded affair, a crime picture in the outback that could be indicative of a contemporary mashup of “Wake In Fright” (with the idea of an outsider stranded in the outback) and “Mad Max” (with its emphasis on vehicular action). It’s still under wraps beyond some impressive trailers, but more than anything else, we’re hopeful that a Midnight Screening premiere at Cannes bodes for this being something truly impressive. We’re tantalizingly close to finding out.
Release Date: June 13th.

Let the buzz keep buzzing while we wait for June to roll in!

We know you’ve seen the trailer, right??? But watch it again.

The Rover releases June 12th in Australia, June 13th in LA/NYC, June 20th nationwide (USA) and other known release dates can be found on the side bar. We’ll keep you posted!

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