VIDEO: New Clip From ‘The Rover’ With Guy Pearce & Robert Pattinson

Indiewire shared a great new clip from The Rover today featuring Guy Pearce & Robert Pattinson and  also an exclusive statement from David Michod.

“The Australian Outback of The Rover is a world ten years after a great Western economic collapse. It’s a near future of social and economic decay. Services, utilities, law and order have fallen into dangerous disrepair. And yet people from all corners of the world have come to this place to work the mines that feed the new world alignment, that feed the great powerhouses of this, the Asian century.

The world of the movie, as such, mirrors the American and Australian gold rushes of the 19th century. People are drawn to the land’s mines and with them come the leeches, the refuse, the hustlers and criminals who hope to exploit the mines’ margins.

This isn’t a complete collapse of society – it’s an inversion of present-day global power dynamics. This is Australia as resource-rich Third World country.  This is the violence and unrest of contemporary Sierra Leone or the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

And at the centre of this world are two men – one, a murderously embittered Australian man, a former soldier who has lost his farm and his family; the other, a simple and naive American boy, too young to remember a time when things were anything other than what they are.”

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  • Jennifer

    More clips .. more excitement!
    I cannot wait to see these two on the big screen. I really think that my husband is going to enjoy this despite the fact that Rob is in it. Sometimes I wonder if my being so Robsessed hasn’t made my husband dislike him before he got to know him. Maybe if I’d never shown such great interest in Rob … my husband wouldn’t act like an ass every time I want to go see his movies.
    Thanks for the post Kate. =)