ARTICLE: David Michôd, Guy Pearce, Robert Pattinson and Liz Watts talk to Empire about The Rover

In the July issue of Empire (UK) magazine, David Michôd, Robert Pattinson, Guy Pearce and producer, Liz Watts talked about The Rover. It’s a good, quick piece and makes us even more anxious to see the film, like yesterday. Check the sidebar for current release dates in your country and read below to enter the world of The Rover.

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Transcript from Empire:

“I wanted it to be as elemental and as brutal as Heart Of Darkness is, “ says David Michod of The Rover.

Aiming high is always commendable, but given that Michod’s debut was the brilliant Animal Kingdom, there’s every chance that he’ll succeed with this post-apocalyptic drama.

Essentially a two-hander, it takes place in an Australia that’s been ravaged following an economic collapse. When Eric (Guy Pearce) has his car stolen by a group of thugs, he takes one of the gang (Robert Pattinson’s Rey) hostage and embarks on a quest to get his car back.

So it’s about cars, revenge and death in the outback, then.

None more mad, none more Max? “It’s really different,” says producer Liz Watts. “Mad Max has that much more heightened world and look – it’s much more about the cars, the instruments of the action. This films more about the characters. There’s a manipulation happening between the older, really damaged man and the younger, naive, symbolic-of-still-having-hope character.”

Pearce – who worked with Michod on Animal Kingdom – and Pattinson both leapt at the chance to get their hands dirty in the Outback (the film shot in Marree, where the Inbetweeners pitched up on page 12), with the latter leaving his R-Pattz persona further behind.

“There are very few scripts that have any kind of originality in them at all” says Pattinson, who had to audition for the role. “It’s so sparse, it’s got very, very few characters and their relationships are extremely odd. It’s almost like sci-fi.”

Pearce admits to having being impressed by Pattinson’s chops. “I can’t say I’m a Twilighter'” he laughs, “but I’ve had moments of watching the dailies going ‘Jesus, he’s great’. To play this fucked-up little dude. I just applauded him every day, quietly to myself.”

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