The Rover is the June movie you need to check out + great new stills and BTS images

Happy June! You know what many of you should be doing this June?* Of course you do.


No, not stare into the vast Australian Outback and contemplate the dilemmas of your life but go WATCH Guy Pearce stare into the vast Australian Outback and contemplate the dilemmas of Eric’s life. A few outlets agree with us and suggest you take a trip to the theater to see the Guy Pearce and Robert Pattinson bromance, Michôd style.


“The Rover” is an opportunity to see wonderful performances by the consistent Pearce and Pattinson

The Playlist:

The word “auteur” is bandied about too often, but Michôd is cementing himself as one of the newest crop.

The Film Stage:

With Guy Pearce giving a commanding performance and Robert Pattinson‘s character making for a strong counterpart, we recommend seeking it out this month.

Here are some new stills and behind-the-scenes images to add to your excitement! Plus a great still of Susan Prior not messin’ around with shenanigans in her yard.



As always, you can check out all the stills HERE in our gallery!

*We know The Rover is not out for everyone in the world this June but we certainly hope you’re ready to go during your chosen month.

Photos via ThePlaylist

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