Guy Pearce Shares How He Created Eric’s Look For ‘The Rover’

Yahoo spoke to Guy Pearce at the Cannes Film Festival about Eric’s look in The Rover, how he got into character and more. Read an excerpt of the interview below the pic.


Q: You have a definite look in the movie. Who came up with that? Did you do it yourself?

PEARCE: I did it myself. But the director came up with the idea. He said, ‘I want it to look like you have just found some blunt scissors somewhere and you just hacked your hair off.’ (laughs) So one drunken night in Adelaide I hacked my hair off. (laughs)

Q: Where do you shoot specifically?

PEARCE: In the Flinders Ranges.

Q: Where they did Tracks I think?

PEARCE: Exactly. And who was my make-up artist on this, was the makeup artist on Tracks. He literally finished there a month before (laughs) and was schlepped back up the highway again. So it was basically about four hours above Adelaide to about nine hours above Adelaide.

Q: Was it an area that you knew well and had been to before?

PEARCE: No, we skirted up the edge of that when we did Priscilla (Queen of the Desert) but not filmed there, just drove through it. We went from Sydney to Broken Hill and then Broken Hill to Coober Pedy, so we crossed the Flinders Rangers, just driving to get to Coober Pedy. But I didn’t know it at all.

Q: Do you think this film is indebted to Mad Max in some way?

PEARCE: I don’t know. I mean, people keep referencing Mad Max, and it’s hard to me to answer the Mad Max question because it’s been so long since I have seen it. My memory of Mad Max is that it’s more sort of surreal and over the top. I mean he wasn’t, he was beautifully, subtle, Gibson had great power as an actor. I feel like I remember all the peripheral characters as being quite sort of Baz Luhrmannish, except being all grotty and not covered in red sequins and velvet. But even in that first one, Bruce Spitz and all of those guys, all kind of crazy and they are all kind of like that and that’s my memory of it, so I felt like it was all a bit camp and nutty, but I feel like this is just colder. I feel like it’s colder, and not more realistic, but maybe. But whether it’s indebted to Mad Max, I don’t know, sorry I can’t give you an answer.

Q: How did you get in character? Your character seems to be always angry.

PEARCE: I don’t know, because I am not so angry in my life these days. I know I have got a surly face though. My mother used to always say to me, ‘Get that look off your face!’ And I’d say, ‘I am just thinking! I am not miserable!’ (laughter) I don’t know, it’s just about understanding the scene you are in and delivering when it’s time to deliver. It was in the old days that I kind of had to be in character all the time, but it becomes exhausting and you exhaust your character a little bit I think.

Q: Did you feel bad after certain scenes?

PEARCE: Well, (laughter) no I mean, as actors we fully respect each other and what we are doing. But I want the audience to feel like we want to be able to say sorry to them, because he is so vulnerable, it’s kind of a good shock actually, that is. (laughter)

Read the full interview over HERE

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