REVIEWS: The Rover – “Fantastic screenplay, brilliant direction, successful cinematography, best performances of the year”

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This review roundup is mostly coming out of Australia following the Sydney premiere, press junket and screenings for The Rover. Click HERE if you want to read more reviews! You can always find them in our menu bar under The Film.

Graffiti With Punctuation (4.5 stars):

Michôd’s direction is motivated by maximising tension. Slow creeps through dark hallways, that oppressive push toward closed doors that seem to vibrate in the anticipation of being opened, and finally surprising you with the lack of care for life, and therefore the constant anxiety that death was on its way. It’s also abundantly clear that Michôd is able to craft incredible performances from his players.

Pattinson is nothing short of unbelievable. Forget anything that you’ve ever seen him in before, this is a towering, career defining performance.

Pearce is an actor that doesn’t receive the correct amount of feverish adoration. He retreats completely into this broken man, devastated by the degradation of any kind of justice.

McNairy is an ideal character actor. He’s just a terrifically authentic and sincere performer no matter the size of the role.

Matt’s Movie Reviews (4 stars):

David Michod’s The Rover is a brooding and intense journey into a graceless world, with Robert Pattinson delivering a fascinating, career defining performance in the process.

The two man show of Pearce and Pattinson is outstanding.

Yet just as strong is the current that thrashes within The Rover, something complex, malevolent, that threatens to consume and hidden from grace. Something all too human that makes it all the more menacing, as any tale of a godless world should.

SciFiNow (4 stars):

Guy Pearce and Robert Pattinson are superb in bleak near-future chase film The Rover

The Rover is brutal and gripping, and its profound sense of loss gives it impressive emotional depth; it will stay with you long after the credits roll.

Spotlight Report:

Michôd has created in this film a terrifically stark view of society on the cusp of oblivion with two characters that are seemingly at odds with one another. The pace and intensity throughout are exceptional and never allows you to breathe as you don’t know what is around the corner for this unlikeliest of partnerships. If Michôd was nervous about his second outing it never shows and is as masterful, if not more so than Animal Kingdom and solidifies his place amongst Australia’s film elite.

The L Magazine:

Though The Rover sticks rather closely to the standard post-apocalyptic mold, it’s distinctively textured enough to remain freshly alarming throughout—as stark every-man-for-himself testament, as nightmare environment, and as near-future conjecture.

Director’s Cut Movies:

Not only is it the best Australian film that’s been made in a very long time, but it’s also one of the best, if not the best film to be released in 2014 as of yet.

The film creates an intriguing mystery about what the actual premise of the film is. For nearly the entire runtime of the film we have little to no idea about who these characters really are or why they’re doing what they’re doing, but we can’t help feel something towards them. We have no idea about how the world came to this or why Eric is so determined to reclaim his car, but we’re hooked. There wasn’t a single moment in the entire film where I wasn’t leaning over the edge of my seat in anticipation for what happens next.

To sum up, The Rover is a triumphant return of David Michôd with a fantastic screenplay, brilliant direction, successful cinematography, shocking and gruesome violence and some of the best performances of the year.


I loved this film. The cinematography is stunning, the sound design sets the perfect mood and the acting is brilliant. The breathtaking shots of deserts, mountains and towns make the setting as important a character as any of the actors.

4:3 film:

[Michôd] shows a mastery of visual tone and distinct beats of tension. His work with his cinematographer and the sound design team show a fully formed stylistic approach.

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