INTERVIEW: “Unrelenting tension, violence and emotional grit” but also, “The Rover is about love”


David Michôd, Guy Pearce and Robert Pattinson have been busy promoting The Rover in London this past week ahead of the Aug. 15th theatrical release in the UK.


They sat down with Filmoria to chat about the film and their experience.

David-Michod-the-Rover-Director Robert-Pattinson-and-Guy-Pearce-at-The-Rover-interview

Excerpt from Filmoria:

When it comes to deciding what types of stories to tell Michôd admits that it doesn’t all come naturally to him. “I don’t have a big notebook that is full of stories that I must tell,” he says. “It feels like work to me to get into a thing. I start from a place of hating everything, and everything is a bad idea, and this movie should not be made and then i force my way into it, force myself to love it. And usually that comes from finding ways of connecting it to love or sadness or fear of death or whatever. The Rover is really about love. I wouldn’t have been interested in making the film if it had just been a ‘boysie’, shoot-em-up, guys in the desert movie. For me, the whole reason to make it was the relationship between these two characters and kind of reigniting the sparks of potential for love in Guy’s character and the lost kid who is just looking for someone to cling on to. That‘s the stuff. That stuff is the reason to make the movie.”

The Rover is released in UK cinemas on August 15th.

Click HERE to read the interview in its entirety and more from Guy and Rob!

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