VIDEOS: The Rover is 3 out of the Top 10 Most Underrated Movies of 2014 + MORE

The Rover popped up in several videos for year-end mashups but this one pointed out how it was one of the most underrated films of 2014. Coming in at #3, The Rover commentary starts at 8:08

Check out more videos for The Rover under the cut! Continue reading

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‘The Rover’ Nominated For 6 Australia Film Critics Association (AFCA) Awards

The Rover LA Premiere 36

More good news for The Rover, they’ve received 6 Australia Film Critics Association (AFCA) Awards nominations.

The AFCA Film Awards will be announced at the awards ceremony on
February 7th at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) in

The Rover has been nominated in these categories:

Rolf De Heer – Charlie’s Country
Sophie Hyde – 52 Tuesdays
Jennifer Kent – The Babadook
David Michod – The Rover
Michael & Peter Spierig – Predestination


David Gulpilil – Charlie’s Country
Don Hany – Healing
Guy Pearce – The Rover
Nathan Phillips – These Final Hours
Angus Sampson – The Mule


Noni Hazlehurst – The Mule
Erin James – The Little Death
Gillian Jones – The Rover
Susan Prior – The Rover

Sarah Snook – These Final Hours


Jai Courtney – Felony
Alex Dimitriades – The Infinite Man
Robert Pattinson – The Rover

Hugo Weaving – The Mule
Noah Wiseman – The Babadook


Natasha Braier – The Rover
Ian Jones – Charlie’s Country
Radek Ludczuk – The Babadook
Ben Nott – Predestination
Mandy Walker – Tracks

Congratsand Good Luck to The Rover Team

Don’t forget they also have 7 nominations in The Australian Academy Cinema Television Arts (AACTA) which takes place Jan. 29, 2015


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BUY: The Rover DVD and Bluray is available in UK and Ireland – “Extremely rewarding & moving”

If you missed The Rover in the theaters, now you can purchase the film on DVD or Blu-ray in the UK and Ireland.


CineVue offered up a DVD review, giving the film 4 out of 5 stars. An excerpt:

Pearce has never been better as the haunted and disturbed protagonist, but it’s Pattinson who almost steals the show. Saddled with a thick and garbled Southern US brogue, he completely loses himself within the role, and even if he’s little more than a slow-witted hick, Pattinson’s performance manages to invoke sympathy from the audience, even when things take a decidedly dark turn. An indelible jaunt into the heart of darkness, Michôd has fashioned an very worthy follow-up to Animal Kingdom (2010)The Rover is a bleak and downbeat endeavour, yet it’s also an extremely rewarding and ultimately moving one.

Excerpt from Movies, Films & Flicks:

Guy Pearce is solid as always and continues his chameleon like work in genre cinema. The Rover could make for a perfect yet bleak Guy Pearce film festival alongside the The Proposition, The Road, Mementoand Ravenous. However, The Rover is Robert Pattinson’s film. He is capable yet dumb. He almost doesn’t know how to die. He is loyal to a fault and is a true wild card. Pattinson dissapears into the character and it all culminates with him singing Keri Hilson’s song “Pretty Girl Rock.”

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Guy Pearce Makes Indiewire’s “21 Best Performances Of 2014″ List

IndieWire have released their “21 Best Perfoemances In 2014″ list and Guy Pearce’s performance as Eric in The Rover has made it in at no 6 on their list.


Here’s what IndieWire had to say about Guy:

6. Guy Pearce – “The Rover”
With apologies to Robert Pattinson (and his legion of fans) who is very, very good in this movie, and continues to prove and reinvent himself in each new role, Guy Pearce owns “The Rover.” David Michôd post-economic collapse dystopian picture is very, very angry and mortally disillusioned, and Pearce embodies these qualities like blackened-heart furnace on the verge of eruption. The harsh, silent and severe nature of Pearce’s character (who’s in search of a car that embodies all that he no longer has) is also a canvas that echoes back to us; we can imagine the family he’s lost, the loved ones, the life that once had meaning; such is his furious bitterness. But a humanity is also occasionally glimpsed and it’s utterly heartbreaking when it briefly peeks through. Like a ratty, emaciated, lonely dog let loose in a ravaged outback, Pearce relentlessly forces his way back home the one thing left his is life that has consequence and buries it for good. Pearce’s character is already resigned to all forms of death, you cannot do him any worse and the affect that he transmits mostly through pained expression is devastating.

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Guy Pearce & Robert Pattinson Ranked In ‘Indiewire’s End Of Year Critics Poll’

The Rover Stills4

Both Guy Pearce and Robert Pattinson have been ranked in Indiewire’s End of Year Critics Poll for their performances in The Rover

Guy makes it in at No45 in the Best Actor Category and Rob is at No14 in the Best Supporting Actor category.  You can see how the Critics rated them by clicking on the blue bar beside their names.

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